The Key Aspects of a Real Estate Buyer when investing in Real Properties. Pre-Construction. Detached Homes, Semi Detached, Townhouses, and Condos!!!!

Sunday Sep 03rd, 2017


The Key Aspects of a Real Estate Buyer when investing in Real Properties. Pre-Construction. Detached Homes, Semi Detached, Townhouses, and Condos!!!!

Over the years I have come across a lot of distinct kinds of properties and we can confidently divide the buyers into three categories. Broadly a buyer can be described as follows.

Aggressive Buyers: - These are buyers who value time and are risk takers. They don’t get too much into details but look at the properties in a macro level. They are in a rush to buy and sell at a faster pace. Most of these buyers have a limited knowledge combined with the ability to read the real estate markets in the long term. These buyers know that missed opportunities matter.

Passive Buyer:- Buyers who are thoughtful and do participate in the buying process by participating  and doing own research. They sometimes do all the work themselves and don’t let the real estate agents do much. They take time to formulate decisions. They value money and in my mind, are very cautious. These buyers are educated and understand the markets. These buyers are picky about all smaller details. Mostly they have a complex thought process for others to understand.

Dormant Buyers. These are the buyers with dreams only. They miss the fine line between affordability and dreams. All the time they want home of their dreams but don’t have enough financial backing. They are dreamers only. All their life they just dream to buy but never able to buy and sometimes stay in rental properties all their lives. The interest to buy is more like pretending to buy. These types are buyers remain dormant all their lives.

Why am I talking about the buyers? They are customers and clients and we must treat them right? I am writing to guide the passive and dormant to get aggressive and aggressive buyers to be cautious in todays markets. This year the volatility of markets has lessons for all kind of buyers. Availability of a property evokes different responses from different buyer. Active buyer would like to buy now. Passive buyer will wait and see for some time. Dormant buyer is busy thinking!!!!

Over the years I have experienced that an aggressive buyer with good market conditions have always won.

The Buyer is influenced by the following factors to behave in different manners.

Personality--all the internal traits and behaviors that make a person unique, uniqueness arrives from a person's heredity and personal experience. Examples include:



Self confidence










Traits effect the way people behave. Marketers try to match the store image to the perceived image of their customers.

There is a weak association between personality and Buying Behavior, this may be due to unreliable measures. Nike ads. Consumers buy products that are consistent with their self concept. ( Source:-

In view of the above the best I can suggest is to look for an agent who can understand your needs as well as your personality to help you to make the right decisions

For all kind of properties for different buyers I have an approach that will help you to make the right decisions.

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