First time Home buyers: Guide -Toronto,Mississauga,Brampton,Markham,Richmond Hill, Ajax and Pickering.Detached homes,Semi Detached Homes,Townhouses and Condo apartments.

Monday Sep 11th, 2017


I get a lot of calls asking me " How can we buy our first home in this expensive market ?"

How can we be sure we are paying the right price ! How can we do our on line research?

Its a lot of factors that contribute to your decision making.A lot of young professionals research on or Is it worth it to do everything on your own or hire an agent? In the susequent paras I will go over each of these concerns.

Two things that need to be done is to look for a mortgage approval and an agent who can help you to buy your dream home.There are a lot of Sales person in the market. It is a good idea to talk to a few of these agents and see if they have time and resourses to stay the course.Name,experience and Brokerage do matter. Since I am with I will suggest that it is the largest and the most popular one to consider. Its expensive in Remax and that is why the smartest and the best agents only stay with Remax You can see my resume at After deciding about an agent/Broker now is the time to call these agents and discuss your requirement.

Sales Agents come to you and try and understand your ants and needs. Also they will explain how the represetation works. How you are protected when you work with a licensed agent. What are Errors and Ommissions insurance etc etc.

I believe since its your first home buying experience look for an Agent or Broker who is willing to explain,spend time and is not in a rush to sell a house to you.

If you qualify for  certain amount the Agent will show you what you can afford. Remember Toronto is very fair market and you will have comparable that will help you to decide if you are paying the right price.

The Buyers agents get paid by the seller.The Buyer especially you never pay anything to the agent from your pocket !!!!! When you sell they will ask you to pay but by that time your property would have appreciated.

To search for properties the Agents will use

These are softwares designed to filter the available properties for you. You can visit my website to look for all sort of propertie at

Once you know the amount you qualify and you have an agent rest all will be a smooth ride. The Sales Representatives are professionals and they will show you the path.




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