Condo Market Today- Why Buy a Condo ? Why you need to Buy Now ? First Time Home Buyer Buy Now ? Toronto Offers Options for People living and Paying rents. Buy Toronto Condos Now.

Thursday Sep 28th, 2017


A lot of you call me and ask the same questions that are in every home buyer's mind.

Buy now or Later ??? I always say buying real estate is always a good decision. Look at people who never buy but rented all these years. What happened ? They can never buy as the prices have gone up. Toronto with so many new immigrants coming every year is always growing in real estate. The prices will always go up !!!!

First Time Home Buyers why buy now ?

Two reasons , When you py rent you never generate equity.Secondly the property appreciates but you get no benefits when you pay rent.

Also dont try an agent trying to represent both the Seller as well as the Buyer called double ending !!!! Read an article how buyers get cheated when they have the same agent representing them in the deal.

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